Sunday, January 24, 2010


We might not have a metro, we might not have a working railway system, but at least we will have a Water Taxi!!!

BWT or Beirut Water Taxi is a very efficient, cheap (at least cheaper than doing a metro), and eco-friendly way to help reduce congestion on lebanese highway.

The maximum time a trip would take is approximately 55 minutes (the distance from Beirut to Tripoli)

For once in Lebanon, the water taxis will be operating as per a fixed schedules (well I'm not sure how accurate they will be, taking into consideration the Lebanese own way of timings), and the purchase of tickets can be done online.

If BWT will get the license from the lebanese government to operate, this system can start in a year time maximum!

For more information on BWT, you can visit

See you on board!


  1. Interesting one! But it would take more time through this than just taking the bus, say from Beirut to Jbeil. I don't think people will use this for urgent transportation.

  2. I think people will mostly use it during peak time, and for their daily trips to and from their work. At least there will be no traffic on the seaway and the water taxi will not have to stop evry 5 minutes if the driver spots a potential swimmer/customer...

  3. i thought editors do not reply!!? ... hmmmm ;-)

    I like the idea of a water taxi, although we should be worried about the capacity of the boat rather the accurate timings ... they would always fit more people then permitted (remember the old taxi cars -normal 4 doors- which have a license to carry 15 persons at a time? hehee

  4. The boat can fit up to 149 passengers...
    That is me replying :D

  5. ExcEllent!one gravol and off we go. I'd definitely use it ( when the sea is calm)

  6. Is this for real??! Walla, ca evolue!!

    Cheers kouzzzzz

  7. Wow Thats Fantastic at least we feel back on track comparing to others

    Maroun Slaiby
    Events Executive
    JW Marriott Dubai

  8. The man behind this project is a liar and a thief. He comes out as the savior of the country, but I dealt with him personally and professionally for nine months.

    I am the Graphic Designer behind this project, I create all the corporate identity and he lied and cheated me out of my money and paid me a good 150$ out of a 5000% deal.

    He is a manipulative liar with no morals and I can only wish him the worse in whatever he does. No wonder the man is divorced three times and his children don't bother with him. He informed me that when he was crying on his desk on a Sunday afternoon.

    Everyone who worked under him in the nine months I was freelancing with him quit their jobs and never looked back. They all hated him. Some lasted a few weeks, some a few months.