Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The only positive thing about working in sales is that you have a lot of time for yourself. At 10:00 AM you will be out of the office, and you will have the freedom to do whatever you want. Pay your bills, renew your documents, catch an early movie, have coffee with your friends (they should be working in sales as well), and finally let’s not forget, you can actually… work.

Hey don’t judge me, if you are working in sales you would know that it is physically impossible to be visiting customers throughout the whole day, and wasting some time, or taking advantage of your free time is part of the job description.

Anyways, I’m investing my time in the last period for working on my private business.

Call it karma, or call it whatever you want, but today was a total waste of time.

After I settled in my usual and secluded coffee shop, turned on my laptop and was getting ready to release my imagination and come up with a slogan for my business (the aim of today), 2 women came with their two 3 or 4 yr old kids. After the kids had their sugar rush from all the chocolate donuts they devoured, they were literally all over the place. Screaming, running, jumping on the sofas and their mothers were too busy gossiping instead of making them quiet. So at that point, my imagination was instantly shifting from creating a slogan into finding ways to commit a perfect crime.

So after some time has passed, and some dark, very dark ideas that can make SAW sequels just another Disney picture, I saw myself packing and leaving with not a single work done.

I am not sure if I can call what happened with me a total waste of time, since at least now I know who’s sleeping with whom in the neighborhood, who did a failed boob job, and most importantly, what “tabkha” can be made in JUST HALF AN HOUR!!!


  1. HAHA!! nice post :) however, I think that non-sales people can still enjoy "wasting" their working time ;-) I may know someone already who does these things :P hehee.

    PS: nice to see you back in action with writing all these magnificent posts! keep up the good work and wish you best of luck in your private business :)

  2. HAHA... I know this person too... compared to him, the sales people are really hard working!
    Anyways thanks for your first comment and keep commenting :)

  3. Apparently it runs in the family genes. Factein

  4. Should've worked in sales then!