Saturday, December 5, 2009


I can’t understand why parents complain so much about their children navigating through the internet by themselves and worrying that they might be checking websites with adult contents (classy terminology for porn).

I mean porn sites have very strict rules for minors under 18 which are very hard to break.
Before entering an adult website, you are always asked whether you are under or over 18 years old. If you are over 18, than naturally you will click on the continue button, and you will be directed to the only place where world peace exist, a world where everyone loves everyone, and like to show it, and where people are extremely, or better to say way too friendly.

But here comes the trick… if you are under 18, then you will have to click on the button that states so, so you will be directed to… well, I’m not sure where you will be directed. No one is sure. I don’t think anyone dared to click on that button. Who knows, it might direct you to lala land, or you might win the jackpot after clicking it. I think this will remain a mystery…

Fortunately, here in the UAE (I’m sure other countries have done the same, but I will allow myself to talk about UAE since I live here), they have found some more drastic means to control the access of the minors to certain websites. That will be by simply blocking these websites. The only drawback about this is that the government apparently consider all the citizens to be still minors and too delicate to have the responsibility to choose which sites to access and which sites not to. And I’m not talking here about porn (it’s not like I tried or something), I’m talking about Flickr, Skype and so many other examples.

I just wish one day Arab regimes will start treating their people as adults, and give them a little bit of freedom with responsibility, I think then, only then they can hope to become a developed nation!


  1. This is Hillarious man!!! where have you been lately? No new posts :(

    I am with you in the whole "adult website" thing, but we have to admit, that even when we were under 18 yrs, we would still click the 18+ button ;-) so this is why, maybe, UAE wouldnt trust anyone in making the right choice :P hehe

    However, for the skype blocking, it is purely for money since 33% of Etisalat and DU revenue come from International Calls!

    Yalla waiting for your future posts :)

  2. They banned porn?! Good luck then :-)

  3. Did you just describe porn as "a world of heaven"? :P