Thursday, October 29, 2009


I’m living a dilemma that I am a bit embarassed to share with the world. But what the hack, I have to take it out of my system; otherwise it will keep eating me from the inside.

I need to know something… AM I GETTING STUPID??????

I’ve been feeling this lately (for quite some time actually) because of one particular and supposedly very stupid task.

Yes… I admit… I have difficulties in ordering coffee.

I still remember in some much simpler times, where people used to go to a coffee shop, and the only thing they needed to tell the waiter was “can I have a cup of coffee”. Well then, you might expect the waiter to ask you whether you want it with milk and sugar, and that was IT.

But now, going to a coffee shop is becoming like going for a test. You need to study hard and be very well prepared when the waiter will drop the question of what would you like to have… and don’t you EVER consider telling him…coffee. Instead, you will have tell him a jingle that would pretty much sound like what can be a song for the Black Eyed Peas ♫ ♫ Venti Macchiato, Karen made me sharing all the Grande Frappuccino ♫ ♫

Anyways, Sorry I can’t write any longer, I need to get back to study because I am really craving for a cup of coffee but I’ve been postponing this task for quite some time.

Meanwhile, please enjoy the song; it will keep you focused on the assignment :)


  1. Agreed. And I hate Starbucks anyway with their Tall Double Macchiato, No sugar, Low fat, with cream, decaf, caramel and ice.

    Dross mni7 and enjoy your coffee.

  2. You are the client and you are the king, they are here to sell you this product, you don't have to be expert in coffee because every time you go there there is something new..
    don't worry ask them and they will help you to chose what you like!