Friday, October 9, 2009


I’ve heard somewhere on the TV that Oprah Winfrey is organizing a show about the famous people around the world and she will be interviewing Nancy Ajram as a celebrity from Lebanon. I was intrigued to watch the show or at least to see the part of Nancy Ajram since I am always interested in seeing how international media display the image of Lebanon, and what if that show was THE Oprah Winfrey show which is seen by an estimated 50 million viewers each week.
Even though I am not a big fan of her or her show, but I have to admit that Winfrey is one of the most influential woman in the history of television and I can only think of all the hard work she and her staff have to endure each week in order to get enough research and study and concrete data about her guests and stories.

And to my surprise!!!

I was astonished when I YouTubed the episode to see that the main idea of the clip was to show Nancy wearing western clothes (like any Lebanese women) and to compare it with photos of women from Afghanistan or Iran or any country ending with an AN (well, obviously except LibAN) and portraying them as the other Lebanese women, and saying, quote: Nancy’s sexy dance move, has caused quite the controversy in this “Deeply Conservative” country!

I am not sure whether Oprah’s depiction of Lebanon as a Deeply Conservative country is due to some lack of research done by her team, or just to make her story a bit more interesting, but it surely reinforce the idea that she has the same stale stereotypes as most of her idiotic compatriots!


  1. Pffff...Oprah really has no clue!! Her research team sure is to blame, but doesn't she have 1% interest to look a bit deeper into her own topics? That really proves that she doesn't give a shit about anything but making money!


  2. wow this clearly comes to show how ignorant and misinformed americans are about the real world. Not even Oprah could get her facts right with all that money and research team. Or maybe it was meant simply to keep this certain image about the middle-east.