Saturday, October 31, 2009


I’m living in Dubai for almost a year now and I still couldn’t digest the fact that my weekend ends by Saturday.

I still feel so grumpy and pissed when I go to the office on Saturday morning, and call up my friends and family in Lebanon, and they will be preparing for the weekend which will be just starting...

And don’t let me even start talking about Sunday.

I’m trying to find some excuses to leave Dubai and go back to Lebanon. Can this be considered as a relevant one?

*By the way, I look much hotter than the guy in the cartoon

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  1. I think that you are young and smart. I also think that the world as we know it today might change (due to environmental catastrophes). SO if you are unhappy in Dubai, go somewhere that makes you happy before it's to late.

    *that was my hippie moment*